Fresco Unbeatable

Fresco Unbeatable

You cannot be defeated until your mind accepts the defeat. Fresco Unbeatable talks about the great figures and warriors of Panjab who are a true inspiration to the generations. Through this, we aim to share the unbiased and true side of the stories that are often overlooked or forgotten. The information is taken from internet, mostly from news and social media. Our team dedicates their time and efforts to create an insight into the icons who deserve to be known by all in their unfiltered ways.

Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha

“Most Dangerous of All Rebels”-Presiding Judge referring to Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha

Deep Sidhu

Right to self determination is the purest emotion any human can aspire

Singh Defying Gravity

Breaking world records to promote a healthy lifestyle among youngsters

Shaheed Udham Singh

Revenge is the dish best served cold, especially coming through a book

Tibbeyan Da Putt

From Moosa to Hollywood, Sidhu's songs will always be hitting the playlist

Mountain Girl

Climbed four 8000m mountains in just 25 days and it's just the beginning

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