Tibbeyan Da Putt

Tibbeyan Da Putt

From Moosa to Hollywood, Sidhu’s songs will always be hitting the playlist

Tibbeyan Da Putt

Singing and preaching truth/ reality made him a legend. The words he wrote gave shivers to the leaders of unjust political agendas. His love for his roots, culture and parents made him deeply loved by the youth.

Shubhdeep Singh better known by his stage name Sidhu Moose Wala hailed from Moosa village in the Mansa district of Panjab, and he pridely addressed himself as Tibeyan da Putt. His debut song “ G Wagon” stormed the YouTube and Panjabi music industry witnessed a new genre.

Sidhu wanted to be a singer but one heartbreaking incident where the man who he requested to draft the lyrics for him disrespected him, made him feel bad. That night was the one where Sidhu decided to pick up the pen, load it with ‘anakh’ and started singing.

He was from a normal Sikh family and did Electrical Engineering in his college. Later he went to Canada as an international student to pursue his PG diploma. In the meantime, Moosewala also appeared in a few Punjabi movies including ‘Yes, I am Student’, ‘Teri Meri Jodi’, ‘Gunah’. He played the lead role in the movie ‘Moosa Jatt’, which was released in October 2021, but did not do great commercially. His movie ‘Jattan da Munda Gaun Lagya’ was released in March 2022.

In a career spanning just four years, Moose Wala wrote several powerful lyrics that explored the history and current state of Panjab. Critics say the state has an unsavory side, involving a gritty gangster culture, corruption and rising unemployment and his music spotlighted that and he was accessible – anyone could meet him and he loved his fans. The singer often shot most of his videos in his village, featuring his family, which made him even more relatable.

Because his songs were unfiltered from the truth and had the aura of chivalry, he often faced criticism from the news media and even the industry itself. One of the best things about Sidhu was that he glorified the real Panjabi tradition of being armed and be able to self defense in case things go south anytime. But this was put into the newspapers, TV debates and especially the social media as “glorification of gangster culture” while it clearly wasn’t the case. His song ‘295’ answered all these questions and clarified the misconceptions spread by the media agencies.

Sidhu was one of few singers whose family was known by everybody because unlike other artists, he lived in his village Moosa with his parents and did farming despite becoming the megastar of the industry. Not only that, he was did collaborations with American and British rappers too.

The impact of Sidhu was immense especially among the youth. Apart from the singers before, there were no mentions of drugs in any of his songs. Sidhu unequivocally urged the youngsters to not do any drugs and to get connected with Sikhi, tie turban and live up to its glory.

His songs ‘Panjab’, ‘SYL’ showed his inclination towards Sikhi and that inspired thousands of Sikh youth to come back on the track. Just like his idol Tupac Shakur, on May 29, 2022 Sidhu Moosewala was associated by the gangsters sent by the people who didn’t want his voice to be heard. This murder left a deep trauma on every fan of his especially his parents who still haven’t received justice. Sidhu may have gone from this world but his songs will forever be remembered and listened by the current and future generations.

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