Singh Defying Gravity

Singh Defying Gravity

Breaking world records to promote a healthy lifestyle among youngsters

Singh Defying Gravity

The 19 years old from Umarwala, Gurdaspur district, Panjab never went to the gym (yes, never), didn’t take supplements and consumed only what was made by his mother. To level up his fitness, Singh managed to build gym pieces of equipment on his own.

Inspired by the great sons of Panjab, Bhagat Singh, Kartar Singh Sarabha, Udham Singh – Kuwar Amritbir Singh has the vision to create a healthy nation. And he contributes to this by sharing fitness videos on his Instagram and YouTube channels. He organizes regular donations to provide sports equipment to support the youth in the sports community.

His achievements have become an inspiration for the youth:
1. Youngest athlete to perform a maximum of 118 Knuckle Pushups in 01 minutes at the age of 18.
2. 35 superman pushups in 30 seconds for the ”India Book of Records.
3. Nomination for the Karmaveer Chakra Award and finally.
4. Guinness World Record of Most Push-Ups with Claps (Finger Tips) in 1 minute.

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