IT Support & Cloud Services

IT Support & Cloud Services

Fresco helps businesses transform their IT environment with best-in-class cloud computing & IT services. Our experts provide highly effective and reliable cloud computing services that give your enterprise a competitive edge.


IT Support



IT Support & Cloud Services

Our cloud solutions enable enterprises to reduce IT resource requirements, increase productivity while reducing costs, and speed up market time. We support our customers with on-demand delivery of computer services, tools, and applications such as servers, storage, databases, networks, software, and apps.

Maintenance and security services
Continuous monitoring
Performance optimization
Safety and risk assessment
Monitoring service
Cloud-based application monitoring
Creating personalized parameters and checks
Set Personalized Notifications
Cloud Strategy Service
Cloud readiness evaluation
Cloud architecture review
Cloud roadmap and strategy
Multi-cloud strategy and cloud conformance analysis

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Cloud Services

Leverage the power of cloud computing: Fresco creates secure, scalable digital solutions that increase revenue and support an optimized customer experience.

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Zero Trust Network Access

Zero trust access is a security strategy that assumes that all devices and users attempting to access a network or system are untrusted until they are verified and authenticated. This is in contrast to the traditional “perimeter security” approach, which assumes that devices and users inside the perimeter are trusted and only those outside the perimeter need to be verified.

A zero trust access solution typically includes a combination of technologies and processes, such as multi-factor authentication, device management, network segmentation, and continuous monitoring and threat detection. The idea is to create a defense-in-depth security strategy that verifies and authenticates every device and user before allowing access to sensitive resources, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the traditional network perimeter.

With Zero Trust Network Access, create fast, encrypted connections and connect applications and servers seamlessly at the network layer

Private, Encrypted Tunnels

With Zero Trust Enterprise Network, create secure, encrypted connections from user devices to the networks they wish to access

Invisible Network

Remove exposed IPs and make your network invisible to the internet

Secure Data

All data in transit is end-to-end encrypted, and your traffic doesn’t go through vendor machines

Never Trust, Always Verify

Employ a default deny for all approach, and remove excessive trust from your network with a Zero Trust Network Security model

Continuous Risk Assessment

Enable complete risk and trust assessment for every request for access continuously with zero trust network access solutions

Security and Confidence for the entire Organisation


Speed, safety, useful resource and infrastructure flexibility are a number of the grand guarantees of cloud-primarily based answers. However, it takes a pro group to supply a wonderfully custom-designed cloud-local software layout. Our engineer’s layout progressive multi- and poly-cloud techniques through cherry-choosing the maximum applicable offerings from major companies to aid your commercial enterprise objectives.

Cloud App Development

As your accomplice in constructing and deploying cloud programs at scale, you could assume that we apply main-side generation and the quality of all private, public, and hybrid cloud offerings for commercial enterprise-riding results. Our professional cloud app improvement group designs and builds answers which might be infinitely scalable, absolutely stable, and efficaciously constructed to optimize the person revel in and maximize your ROI.

Easy to Configure :
Seamless integration with IDPs to enable easy configuration of access policies along with Zero Trust Network implementations

Implementation and Migration

Understanding the advantages of a cloud-primarily based commercial enterprise is simple; faultless layout and seamless machine integration of cloud offerings are complex. Our committed group of cloud-primarily based software improvement specialists is professional in all elements of migration and implementation, from multi-seller ITIL method implementation to chance and compliance controls.

Cloud Security & Risk Management

While cloud-primarily based answers offer an excessive degree of safety functions and generation, it’s now no longer a because your data, infrastructure, and apps are impenetrable. We provide:

  • Cloud safety audits.
  • Chance and identification management.
  • Technical safety structure consulting to preserve your commercial enterprise stable and your thoughts at ease.

IT & Operations

Easy to Scale :
Cloud-Delivered solution optimised to enable easy management and scalability

Easy to Configure :
Seamless integration with IDPs to enable easy configuration of access policies along with Zero Trust Network implementations

Seamless Onboarding :
Seamless Onboarding : Deploy on end- user devices in 3 simple steps, with a choice of agent- based/agentless approach to Zero Trust Network Access

Business Leaders

Cloud Ready Solution :
Future Proof your infrastructure with a cloud ready solution that was built to secure hybrid workforces and hybrid applications

Improve Security Posture :
Make your assets invisible to the external internet and allow visibility only to authorized users with a Zero Trust Network Security model

Increase Business Agility :
Make your IT infrastructure more responsive to business needs, and enable smooth transitions quickly and securely

End Users

Secure, Single-Click Access to Applications :
Secure, Single-Click Access to Applications : Ensure secure Zero Trust Network Access to all end user authorized applications from a single platform

Work from Anywhere :
Let your workforces access your enterprise assets securely, no matter where they are.

Unhindered Connectivity :
Our Zero Trust Network Security model removes the hassles of backhauled traffic, increased latency and poor user experience due to VPNs. With a single click access based platform, spend less on training and support

Solution for following Zero Trust Use cases

Application Access

On-premise Applications
Cloud Applications
Hybrid Applications

Endpoint Access

Client Based Access
Client Less Access
Domain Joining

Application Architecture

Web Based Applications
Thick Client Applications

Client point users have experienced…


30% higher close rates


Upto 100% increase in sales


Upto 95% timesaving generating
proposals while reducing or eliminating
cost errors

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