Deep Sidhu

Deep Sidhu

Right to self determination is the purest emotion any human can aspire

Deep Sidhu

2 years ago today, Deep Sidhu broke the internet with his speech at the Shambu border during the Farmer’s Protest. While the short-sighted Farmer Union Leaders couldn’t see beyond the 3 Colonial Farm Bills, the youth of Panjab and the Government understood the gravity of his intellect and him becoming the inevitable revolution.
He led the youth through the Farmer’s Protest from Panjab to Delhi, handled the January 26 event while others caved, endured the disownment propelled by hate agendas, was arrested on false charges, survived multiple attacks and the defaming campaigns/media trails over time.

On his release (because he was unassailable), he formed an organization by the name of “Waris Panjab De” to battle for the rights of his community under the motto of “ਹਮ ਰਾਖਤ ਪਾਤਸ਼ਾਹੀ ਦਾਅਵਾ” (right to self-determination).
From the moment he challenged the Government in his unforgettable speech that shook the youth out of slumber to the moment he was arrested on false charges for lawfully protesting at Red Fort, the media did everything to defame him, demolish him and scapegoat him for the violent and inhumane actions of authorities on peaceful farmers. Never budging, he endured all of it like a true warrior.

His pure determination towards his people made him unbeatable and that’s why every person who tried to slander him, every narrative that was webbed to defame him, was faded by his light.
In this short span of fewer than 2 years – he uncovered the ‘state within the state’ and illuminated the youth with the spirit of sovereignty in a way that no other Sikh activist could do in recent decades.
On February 15, 2022, Deep Sidhu was assassinated by those who failed to suppress the truth within him. But the influence he has left is eternal.
He often quoted, “A physical death I do not fear; the death of a consciousness is a sure death”, and he lived through it.

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