Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Business challenges arise in all forms and scales. As a result, various skills are required to deal with them. Fresco’s AI is built around three different skill profiles that help explain, predict, and respond across the business ecosystem.




Software Development

Artificial Intelligence

As the market for AI technology is sophisticated and prosperous, different areas of our daily lives are changing rapidly and radically. As a result, there is significant competition to win between many start-ups and internet giants.

Decision Management
Artificial intelligence can inject logic into AI systems to prepare them for training, maintenance, and tuning. Organizations already use decision management to add value and profit to their business by integrating it into applications to drive and execute automated decisions.
AI-optimized hardware
Thanks to better graphics and central processing units, the device is structured and used to perform AI-oriented tasks in a targeted way. A prominent example of this is an AI-optimized silicon chip that can be inserted into any wearable device.
Robotic process automation
Robotic process automation describes the imitation of human tasks and the capabilities of enterprise processes based on that automation. It is important to remember that AI is not a replacement for humans but aims to support and complement human skills and talents in this particular area.

Technologies to Support
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a technological advance, including programming techniques for problem-solving. Artificial intelligence is often mentioned in connection with machine learning, deep learning, and big data.

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Cyber ​​Defense

Cyber ​​Defense is a computer defense mechanism aimed at detecting and reducing attacks and threats to system data and infrastructure.

Text Recognition

Since the main goal is to detect and identify text in the image format, text recognition can be considered part of visual detection. It is customary to use OCR (optical character recognition) in this work.

Expert System

Expert systems include all kinds of human knowledge about a particular topic. Classic examples are systems that use the whole exercise and strategy chess to determine the best step (usually based on the decision tree) to determine the best step.

One Artificial Intelligence For Everyone

Companies provide AI’s, AI acceptance and focus on AI of data and applied intelligence functions to help companies help to support democratization.

Speed ​​to value

Quickly configure and implement your solution with pre-built, pre-integrated AI models and industry-specific datasets. Then, scale quickly and confidently, knowing that responsible AI is built in from the beginning.

Rapid Innovation

Build and update each solution with your own Fresco IP to accelerate collaborative innovation with your clients. You can also experiment with AIP + and quickly prove the values ​​before scaling.

Client First Flexibility

Our solutions are designed to provide your value and time. That’s why they’re built to work with virtually any technology partner and used through various consumption models and hosting environments based on the specific client need.

Client point users have experienced…


30% higher close rates


Upto 100% increase in sales


Upto 95% timesaving generating
proposals while reducing or eliminating
cost errors

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