Android Development

Android Development

Transform your business with Fresco’s custom-built Android apps. Powerful, effective and reliable custom Android apps help you stay one step ahead of the competition. Create dynamic and interactive web apps using the latest technologies.




Software Development

Android App Development Services

Android is touted as the right choice for startups and emerging. Our Android development services guarantee full support for established businesses and their corresponding SMBs. We are an Android developer that ensures scalability with all the expertise related to Android app development.

Android App Development Consultation
App Development helps reach thousands or millions of users. However, creating a fast, reliable, and easy-to-find app with the help of an Android application developer will maximize the benefits of launching your app.
UI/UX Design
Android is one of the most expensive ecosystems, and these devices are working in it. Our team of Android app designers has the experience to create an unforgettable experience on all Android devices and versions.
Custom Android Application Development
Android is one of the most expensive ecosystems, and some devices are working in it. Our team of Android app designers has the experience to create an unforgettable experience on all Android devices and versions.
Android Software Testing
Our Android mobile development process is designed to put security and performance first. It runs manual and automated testing processes to ensure future-proof Android software development.
Multi-platform Deployment
We are an Android app developer specializing in seamless integration and deployment. Android Development Expert Services can help you achieve that regardless of what platform you want to work on.

Technologies to support Android App Development

Fresco is a leading manufacturer of innovative and immersive Android applications that enable organizations to grow their business needs according to their strategic goals. We have created a portfolio of highly successful Android and Tab applications designed to provide users with scalability and improved synchronization.

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React Native

Facebook’s open-source technology, React Native, saves development time. In addition, it allows Fresco to maximize efficiency and optimize the experience for both native and cross-platform apps.

Xamarin Forms For Android

Xamarin is a robust cross-platform mobile development solution. Android developers use source code reusability to accelerate engineering while providing excellent intuitive digital experiences to each customer.


If you know how to create a basic web application, you can see how to build with ions already. IONIC can provide native iOS or Android apps, native desktop apps, or web apps, single and shared codebases.

One Android App Developer For Everyone

Fresco can bring your Android app ideas to life, regardless of the size of your business.

Our proven method of developing Android apps can be extended and customized to meet different needs and partner with your business to drive success.

I already have an app but don’t get what I need? That’s good. We can work with your team to strategically redesign your app to improve performance and provide better support to you and your end-users.

Android watch

Android Wear features allow you to use your smartwatch as an activity tracker, set alarms, and check your working hours without pairing it with your smartphone. You can also easily manage many of your phone settings.

Build game for android

Create amazing games to reach an audience of over 3 billion Android devices. Learn about new tools and best practices to support development and game performance.


Firebase is the best mobile backend available. Provides the possibility of crash reporting. In addition, our technical experts know how to build web apps using Firebase easily.


The Android Analytics app allows you to access your Analytics account from your mobile device. Use analytics to understand how users interact with Android mobile apps.

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30% higher close rates


Upto 100% increase in sales


Upto 95% timesaving generating
proposals while reducing or eliminating
cost errors

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